BlogHer Mania and Some Thoughts on Selfies

Hat Selfie 5-3-15Happy May everybody! I’m going to attempt to post daily for BlogHer’s “NaBloPoMo” (I think it’s National Blog Post Month or something like that) since their theme this month is photo. Yep, we may get a little self-revelatory in this, my favorite month of the year.

I detest taking pictures of myself. I don’t understand how selfies can make me look like an ogre. Sometimes, though, I look okay in pictures taken by others. Last Easter my siblings and I took an impromptu cellphone photo to text to a friend. I looked fine and we hadn’t even uncorked the wine yet. Today I looked like I should moisturize more. And nap, yes, definitely take a nap.

I understand selfies. “Look at me!” and “Look at me in this place!” make sense. Here in Bloglandia we all know about sharing, and the selfie stick is just another tool for that. Daily selfies posted to all the popular social media are overkill but wasn’t fame, in whatever incarnation, always desirable?

NaBloPoMo_MAY15_465x287_PHOTOThis will be fun!



3 thoughts on “BlogHer Mania and Some Thoughts on Selfies

  1. You ask such a great question. Regular selfies have become normal so fast. It’s a weird form of fame for sure! I’m agreeing with you and not rushing to get my selfies online 😉


  2. I get selfies too – and while I see that they can be overdone, I think that all the hate is a bit much. It’s way more interesting to make a photo personal to capture a moment rather than just snap a scene that could have been taken by anyone!


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