Big Goals, Bigger Hair

I WILL sign on the campus of St. John's UniversityI’m a glass-half-full kind of person, so when I discovered I needed a day off to see the dentist urgently, I saw opportunity. A midday appointment meant time to do many things that I simply cannot do during work hours:

  1. Go to the bank and supermarket, which would take half the time they would on the weekends.
  2. Research resume writers for a pal.
  3. Visit my dad.
  4. Use the laundry room when it’s not crowded.
  5. Call people who are home during the day.

The last two didn’t happen because I spent the morning straightening my thick, curly hair. The hot flatiron felt familiar and comforting but ate up the morning, leaving the afternoon and early evening to accomplish other stuff. Even after the Novocaine wore off I was eager to make the most of this day.

I’ve been wearing my natural curls for a couple of years now, so I forgot how taming that hair is a big time commitment. I like the feel of it but have to decide how important it is to me and how I would reintegrate hot hair toys tools into my life.


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