A Sunny Idea, A Brighter Future

Solar Lights on Earth DayHappy Earth Day 2015!

I would have thought that by now we’d all be using sustainable energy. Solar lighting, for instance, is being promoted in countries that lack the extensive power grid that we have. It would be great if we could buy those same solar products, with the profits going into providing even more solar where it is needed.

I’ve been reading about Nokero, a company that is meeting that need. The solar lights pictured remind me of the electric clamp lights some use when they have to do work outside at night. (car repairs, for example.) The Nokero version has a photovoltaic cell and a hanging hook, and is bright enough to read by. That’s a game changer in areas with no electricity, where fire and kerosene are used for illumination. Nokero apparently sells their lights online as well as to aid organizations, although the latter pay less than retail prices.

So if the technology exists, why is it not widespread? Why can I not buy a solar powered reading lamp at the local home store? I mentioned solar-powered jitneys here and solar even made a tiny appearance in this post. I really believe promoting solar energy would benefit people worldwide. Many of us can’t have solar panels on our roofs, especially those of us in rental housing. If Pinterest is any indication, there is at least some interest in solar. There are numerous ideas showing the use of the weak but pretty outdoor lights for creative indoor use. I’m seeing more of those lights in the ordinary house-and-home stores in my area.  It’s time to take it further and make solar power accessible and, eventually, as common as the electric light bulb.

(Oh, every light in the picture is solar-powered.)


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