Early In The Season

Boats in Greenport, not quite ready for the season.
Boats in Greenport not quite ready for the season

Early spring, just before the season begins, is a great time to visit the North Fork of Long Island.

Yesterday was unusually warm so my travel-happy friend and I decided to ditch our shopping plans in favor of visiting a town I’d never been to before. Greenport is almost at the end of Long Island’s North Fork, so removed from the City that it looks and feels more like New England than New York. There are expensive boutiques catering to the summer-home crowd as well as simple markets for to everyday needs. It’s a beautiful place to walk around.

Approaching Shelter Island by ferry
Approaching Shelter Island by ferry

Shelter Island                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We took the quick but pleasant ferry to Shelter Island, an even more wealthy place situated between the North and South Forks. There’s nothing for us commoners to do there besides walk around and admire the beauty, then return  to Greenport.

I’d never be able to sneak in this picture during high season!

It’s too early in the year for many attractions and entertainment. Next trip I’ll stay overnight so I can enjoy the wineries, nightlife and early morning scent of the waters of the Long Island Sound.

By the way, as I mulled over the topic of early, I couldn’t shake this song out of my mind: “Early in the evening,just about suppertime…”


2 thoughts on “Early In The Season

    1. We just walked around, there’s not much else to do. I enjoyed the ferry though. You’re so lucky that you’re staying in Greenport! I would love to have visited the lighthouse and wineries. Next time. Have a great trip and thanks for stopping by!

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