Tale of Two Colors: Orange vs Teal

Mandarin OrangesOrange: The offspring of vibrant red and sunny yellow, the color of sunsets, sunrises, mimosas, carrots and my favorite citrus fruit.

Teal: What happens when you mix blue and green.

When I moved into this apartment, I all but banned blues and greens. They reminded me of some people I didn’t like; I wanted this part of my life to be as free as possible of their influences. The result is a bright space with a sunny energy.

This no accident

When I  omitted the cool blues and greens, I was forced to use the warmer red tones instead.  The result is a unique (to my experience) saturation of cheerful color. And, I can appreciate others’ homes even more because they are so different from mine.

Teal, then, is a challenging color for me. It’s a rich jewel tone that I simply don’t use very much.

Teal DressIt is pretty, though.

But orange resonates. It’s part of my ordinary day.

Laundry DayLaundry










Stuff I like looking at

Even the train I take to work is on the orange line. That’s purely coincidental but oh, the irony!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

One Word Photo Challenge: Teal



10 thoughts on “Tale of Two Colors: Orange vs Teal

  1. I heartily agree with you on Teal. It’s a great colour, I’ve never worn it though! Maybe now is the time to find a way to try it out but orange is so much more fun to me at least! Love the contrast in the energy of the colours. Wishing you a lovely Sunday.


  2. I love the color orange for its vibrancy. Orange is such a happy color and delicious (as in tangerines). At one time most of my clothes used to be shades of orange – that’s how much I liked the color.


  3. I love your take on looking at the difference in mood these two colors can create. Thank you so much for sharing! (And for the record, on the oranges v. mandarin debate, while mandarin is correct, I call just about every orange variety an orange – although I do differentiate for tangerine/clementine. I think it may vary based on area, but I’m not sure if mine comes from where I’m form or where I live now).


  4. I have a question, Linda: those fruits look to me very much like mandarins … are you sure they are not ? Am I just be a picky old fart ? – of do you guys call those oranges ?


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