Making Social Media Really Social

We are all aficionados of social media: we blog, read publications on our devices, follow Twitter and create inspiration boards on Pinterest. Ideas and thoughts, experiences and images are shared worldwide. These are good times for voracious readers.

Most of these activities are done alone. It’s cozy to connect in my ancient, broken-in jeans and soft, comfortable tank tops. But some social media are designed to get us out of the house, away from the comfort zone and into the world.

COURTESY MEETUP HQ via Instagram_10838874_673719246082414_705021925_n
Courtesy MEETUP HQ

My favorite is Meetup, a worldwide organization of local groups that share interests and activities. The hub is the website where members can search for groups (called meetups; why invent a new word, I guess), sign up for events, then discuss and post pictures after the events have taken place. I’ve had good times and met great friends through Meetup.

I’m pretty excited that I’ve signed up for the Blogher 2015 conference. I will see a multitude of bloggers right here in New York City. It will be like seeing blog faces pop off the screen and into the ballroom with me.

I know some people have had success with online dating, a major example of meeting an online person in person. Now  that’s social.

I like the trend of inviting people online to in-person parties. The website  gives all the details,  takes your rsvp and adds it to your calendar. No more posting paper invitations on the fridge.

There are creeps out there, sure. There are people who post inaccurate pictures on dating websites. There was the guy kicked out of Meetup because he was harassing some female members. There are cyber-bullies. Just like in analog life, we have to be careful, listen to instinct and try to weed out the predators.

Recently I searched for some kind of bloggers’ group in my area. I know I have so much to learn and there’s a wealth of wisdom out there. I didn’t find any groups that resonated with me so I am now considering starting one of my own. The main problem is logistics: I need an accessible, pleasant space near me with wi fi.

Last weekend I ruled out one spot because it was too crowded, and that made me sad. They had a fireplace. I imagined a throwback to the days before electricity, when people gathered ’round the fire and told stories.

iPhone and car keysNow, though, we would gather around the laptops, readers and smartphones. Illuminated by their screens, we’d share ideas and thoughts, experiences and images.


4 thoughts on “Making Social Media Really Social

  1. Blogher sounds like a blast. I wish there was more of these events in London. Maybe there are and I don’t know about them! I will keep my eyes peeled. Thanks for the idea for taking the social media out of the living room 😉 Good call!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so honored to see my words on those beautiful (textile flowers! Here’s wishing you and your blog big success. Thanks for your heartfelt post!


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