A Small Reward for Freezing in the Snow

Bayside Marina at Little Neck Bay, 3-1-15 in the snowIn a lifetime of living near Little Neck Bay, I have never before seen it frozen shore to shore. I had to capture this. I parked the car in the wealthy section and walked the footbridge over the highway to the marina, now closed for the season. It started snowing. This couldn’t get more magical.

The ice looks solid. But two teenagers had to rescued on Valentine’s Day when their little ice walk on the other side of the bay became treacherous. The Fire Department had to rescue them as the ice weakened beneath them.

Here’s my reward for risking hypothermia.

Little Neck Bay with Bayside Marina at the left, 3/1/15

12 thoughts on “A Small Reward for Freezing in the Snow

  1. Wow. I hope you’re warm now … and thank you for risking hypothermia so you could take us along and see this amazing frozen area! 🙂


    1. I imagine it’s more stunning in Norway but just the spectacle of seeing this little waterway frozen over was well worth it. And the crazy thing? I wasn’t the only person there!


  2. Wow is right! Happy I only have to experience it in person but good for you for bundling up and getting out there to capture it. I remember the story of the Valentine’s day rescue!


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