Mind-Traveling From Snow To Summer

The marina in Freeport, NYReminiscing about the 2013 heat wave, when my daughter and I cooled off in the deep, cool water of a marina we probably were not supposed to be. We didn’t have to jump in, just dangled our feet off the pier.

The Northeast United States just had a blizzard which, thankfully, was just a bad snowstorm where I live. But we are contending with piles of icy grey snow. New York City plows the center of most streets but the sides, where we park our cars, are not cleared. Today my  little car got stuck on a thick patch of ice, with snow packed underneath. No amount of salting and shoveling would make it budge. (I actually laid down in the snow to clear under the car.) Then two guys appeared and helped me chip away the worst of the ice to allow me to continue the park. As soon as I was safe one of them drove past; he never complained that I was blocking him!

All in all, not a bad way to end an afternoon. I’d still rather be someplace warm.


11 thoughts on “Mind-Traveling From Snow To Summer

  1. I have gotten hung up on snow like that…but in the country. The last time was by the side of a river. My feet were wet from just finishing paddling on the snow river so I laid on the road shoulder in the snow to dig. I was lucky winter kayak gear is warm stuff.


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