Shiny Happy Home

It’s interesting how little it takes to make a small home feel refreshed. I discarded boxes, gave some stuff away, moved things around and found room to stretch my imagination. Seems I had more glass stones than I thought I had, but they’re so versatile! I’ve had the clear ones for years. They rinsed clean after I put them on top of soil in flower pots. They held a fake topiary in place. They lived in a candy dish.

Roses in clear vase with glass stones

They look nice in a clear vase.

clear stones in candleholders on a bookcase

They give some twinkle to candle holders. (These may have been glass compotes, I’m not even sure any more.)

little pink tree 2014

They were the base of my pink tree. I found a bag of pink stones, but long after the decorations were stored. I’m sure I’ll find some twinkly use for them too.

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