Serenity in the City

After working  a couple of hours on my day off yesterday, I was in dire need of some beauty and serenity. The Museum of Modern Art is a short walk from my job and it was perfect. The Matisse exhibit stole my attention from real-life angst. But what really did the trick was the outdoor sculpture garden.

MOMA outdoor sculpture garden

I’ve been there in nice, warm weather, with masses of other visitors. But on a windy, cold day only hardy adults and energetic children wandered outside. It’s a treat: you can linger among the larger-than-life art, stand still and take it all in, marvel that the city sounds right outside the gates are somehow muffled. Or did I just choose to ignore them?MOMA outdoor sculpture garden

MOMA outdoor sculpture garden: "Rose II" by Isa Genzken (2007) 36 feet tall.








A 36-foot tall rose? A giant pointy balancing thing that reminded me of a broken pencil? Check and check. People were polite because either they’re tourists or as relaxed as I am.

Then there is reality: look up and you see the towering buildings housing the many industries that call Manhattan home. Walk back inside to the crowds of museum visitors in the lobby.

View from the MOMA outdoor sculpture garden

Ground floor info desk at the MOMA







None of this bothered me; I got some peace and clarity back.

8 thoughts on “Serenity in the City

  1. Wow Lynda. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this. I visited NYC once in my 20s but did not get to MoMA (boo!). It’s only afterwards that I really started appreciating art that I kicked myself for not going. Your images of the sculpture garden are so special, you have captured the space and ambition of the artists totally. How special to have MoMA close by. What a treat. Thank you for sharing this treasure!!


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this, Lita. Visual art only started resonating with me in the past decade or so, although we were exposed to the idea of art in high school. Museums, to us, were places where “other people” went. So I’m still learning and discovering what I define as beautiful and worthwhile. I think that’s why I so love interactive things like outdoor spaces!


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