All I Wanted Was A New Table

One thing I like about decorating for Christmas is that it  gives me an annual opportunity to reimagine my home, to see what makes me happy, what I consider important. This year I used a fraction of the decorations that I have collected over the decades. “Less is more.”

I find I still like light, bright and shiny, so I ordered the coffee table I wanted so badly from Ikea. I had seen it in the store and, silly me, didn’t buy it right then and there. By the time I returned it was out of stock. The table arrived promptly and was remarkably easy to assemble…until I got to one leg that was clearly not drilled properly. The holes didn’t match. I called Ikea and was promised a replacement.

The box arrived quickly, but it was huge, much too large and heavy to be this little table. While I wait for Ikea to tell me how they’ll get this box out of my home and replace it with a non-defective table, my decor zen is disturbed by big cardboard leaning against a storage wall.

Did you notice thebottom of the right leg?
I honestly think it’s someone else’s shipment.

I will soon pack away the seasonal stuff, fluff up some pillows and throw cozy blankets over the chair and sofa. It’s post-holiday winter, time to cocoon with a book, phone or online game. I’d like to rest my feet or coffee on my nice new coffee table but this one is too rickety since it’s missing a couple of screws.

I’m excited to see how the room looks sans tree. I don’t know yet what I’ll move around or put away; the result will be a surprise to me. I suspect Ikea’s response will also be a surprise.



3 thoughts on “All I Wanted Was A New Table

  1. As much as I enjoy the warmth of the holidays … putting away the “stuff” is always a great way to start the new year with a clean and organized home, isn’t it. Good luck with Ikea!


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