Here’s to a happy, healthy, productive, joyful 2015!

I spent New Year’s Eve nursing an ugly cold, not at the party on Long Island that I planned to attend. It was a night of positive introspection: I acknowledged my successes and weaknesses. I, surprisingly, felt gleeful when I realized that I have grown in confidence and, by extension, life experience, every year since 2006. That was the year I ceased to be Mrs. Suburban Wife And Mother and embraced this new life. I am grateful for all who came along for the ride and for the fun that we’ve had.

Of course, that could be the vodka talking. Instead a certain fizzy, celebratory beverage, I drank a screwdriver because the orange juice would be full of healthy vitamins. Well, that was the theory.

I had my New Year’s miracle just before midnight, when I realized that I’d left my pocketbook in my car. The car parked on the street. The bag and pretty gloves were right where I left them, on the passenger side, closest to pedestrians who could see right in.

So although I’ve started 2015 blowing through boxes of tissues, I just know that this year will be a good one. There will be setbacks and hurdles, to be sure. I will blog about them and fight to win. There is no alternative.



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