Grow Where You Are Planted

Icy GuttersI love that little saying. Although I was moved around a lot as a young child, it wasn’t until I was a parent myself that I lived in an actual house, a free-standing structure that I paid a mortgage on and gardened around, cleaned and repaired as best I could. It wasn’t large but it was a home where teenagers could feel comfortable and family often celebrated holidays.

Another family is there now, making their own renovations and memories. I miss it less and less each year as I create a new life without having to shovel snow and make the long commute to work from the suburbs.

In fact, it’s snowing lightly as I write this. I glance over to the window beside my desk and smile, because I can appreciate the snow’s beauty without risking injury from shoveling it.

And I don’t have to hire someone to clean the gutters.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

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