So I Am Not Superwoman

Back from my unexpected WordPress hiatus with the realization that I can no longer do it all simultaneously. What a slap in the behind!

During my mini break from content creation, I decided to try to embellish with paper tape. Yes, jumping on the bandwagon a little late, but I’m not one for bedazzling everything in sight. True to form, I bought two similar, subdued prints to decorate a metal frame, some battery-operated candles and a little plastic pot for my mini orchid.paper tape, plastic pot

The verdict: paper tape adheres to paper, but not metal or plastic.

paper tape, battery-operated candles

In the end, I had to Mod Podge the frame and pot to keep the tape on.paper tape and Mod Podge

Looks okay. paper tape: the finished products

The unintended benefit is an idea for an upcoming post. So, none of the effort was wasted.

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