The Art of the Stairway

Interior stairwell (dark)Sometimes, the simplest, most familiar things look different when we stop to notice their shape or light.

This is my building’s interior stairwell, rarely used because we have a reliable elevator. That makes it all the more fun to sneak in there at night.

Interior stairwell (lit)

I love the array of angles and horizontal lines. It’s clean but not perfectly painted and that’s just fine with me.

WordPress Photo Challenge AND Photography 101. Giving it my best shot!

4 thoughts on “The Art of the Stairway

  1. These are like Escher paintings. My daughter found me turning my laptop upside down so I could figure out why the bannister is wrong way up. Now she’s a little worried about me.


  2. Great photos of a steep descent. The imperfection of the painting adds a dimension to the images, too. And that first one looks a little dark and spooky!


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