Signs That Make Me Happy

Pepsi sign in Long Island CityA sign is so many things. It offers direction or instruction, rules to follow or behaviors to be mindful of. Different kinds of signs are featured in this old song and this older song.

Apparently I have a thing for signs; I’ve used pictures of them here and here and most recently, the Hollywood sign. When I’m taking pictures (“shooting” sounds much too adept) I sometimes photograph a descriptive sign so I can recall information about where I was.

The Pepsi sign is in a now-posh section of Queens, New York with a great view of the east side of Manhattan. It refers to the area’s history as a working-class and manufacturing neighborhood. Those shiny towers are relatively new but thankfully the sign, now towering over a beautiful waterside park, remains.

NYC Street Sign at Christmastime← And this one just made me laugh.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, your bus isn’t here, you can’t stop your car at this spot and you’ll be fined for beeping your horn.

Have a nice day.

And thank you, WordPress, for pointing out to me that I like signs, triggering the light introspection that I happily share here.





2 thoughts on “Signs That Make Me Happy

  1. I believe I remember your posting about that area before – where they’re made part of it into a delightful parkland, yes ?
    If I’m right, then I’m not sure about a hug advertising sign: but it might mean that Pepsi helped them do the redevelopment …?


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