Weekend Warrior Hiking

Saturday, 9/20/14 hiking to the Hollywood signThe last time I did this hike was twelve years ago but this weekend’s whirlwind visit to my middle brother, who lives in Los Angeles, gave me the opportunity to do it again. I’m quite sore but so grateful to him for indulging me.  It’s ironic that car-dependent Los Angeles residents often exercise by climbing the beautiful mountains that surround their city.

Saturday, 9/20/14

Big shout-out to the park security who patrol the paths. I was confident that if I had a heart attack they could throw my seizing body into a truck and navigate the steep, twisting roads back down to civilization. But I was fine so at the end of our walk, those crazy roads led us to…brunch!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance


6 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior Hiking

  1. Wow, this truly captures “endurance”!!

    And like Lita, it’s fun to see the sign from up close and behind. I thank you for the sweat, hard work, and sore muscles it took to share it. 🙂


  2. I always wondered what the iconic letters looked like close up. Such a special photograph Linda. I am so glad you shared this. I would love to have stood where you did and looked down, Hollywood!!! (I am star struck by all the history!) The track looks quite a challenge though especially with the twists. Well done on your climb. (It does look pretty steep, I hope you had a reward waiting on the way down!)


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