It’s been a week since I quit Facebook and I have to say, it’s been good. While not a serial poster, I enjoyed reading about my family’s, friends’ and acquaintances’ accomplishments, vacations  and joys. But when the “People You May Know” suggestions included folks I may have spoken to once or a long time ago, I realized they were probably obtained from my phone. I didn’t mind FB using my data as one of many anonymous people to sell ads or run studies. Nothing’s free. This, however, was where I drew the line. I posted one last item, a rant that began: “I’m done with Facebook,” and spent a couple of days untagging myself, downloading my pictures, deleting my pictures from Facebook and then sending the request to delete my account.

Now, if people want to tell me how great their lives are, they will have to call, text or email me.  And that’s working just fine.

4 thoughts on “Bye Facebook, Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Ass

  1. I was fed up with FB, too. I deactivated my account (quick and easy way to dissappear completely, without deleting everything) for the first four months of this year. I snuck on half a dozen times; but I was fairly well OFF it.

    And it was great! In the end, I kept the account with a roster of friends limited to folks I’ve actually met, and like. FB is the only real way I’ll keep in touch with this group of friends, and I like the interaction between mutual friends that takes place.

    But my 4-month absence acted as a reset, and I no longer feel enslaved to FB. For me it’s a compromise that works. Thx for a great post.


  2. About two years ago, after yet another “invasive” moment of a FB connection being able to see a comment I’d posted on my daughter’s timeline despite my tweaking of the privacy settings (and FB’s constant changing of those settings) I said the heck with this and deleted over 550 connections, making it basically family-only. I have added a follow option for people to follow my public posts (which are my blog posts), but I’m getting tired of that “People You May Know” section too. But since I don’t use a smartphone, it seems to be based on my FB friends’ friends … and since many of those are people I don’t know, it’s a little easier to ignore. I don’t blame you for saying goodbye to that invasive-ness!


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