I’ll Have a Shot of Vodka With A Side Of Mustard

Ah. to be so inspired by a book that I’m rummaging through the kitchen, taking pictures of seemingly random objects. I was gifted with a copy of Real Simple 869 New Uses for Old Things. I thought I was quite the creative homemaker but there was so much  didn’t know. And yet, I wondered, what to do with shot glasses when I’m not known for drinking anything  straight up, let alone gulped in one guzzle? That’s one use they didn’t cover.

garlic in a shotglass on a counter_photo 2Garlic makes an appearance on the book, but the writers clearly didn’t know that this is actually how I store it on the counter.



flowers in shotglasses on windowsill_photo 1Please note the cheesy fake flowers on the windowsill. Nothing at the market appealed to me that would fit in a little glass. Also observe the child safety grating, required by New York City in case, I suppose, some toddler broke into my home to climb out the window.


Condiments and shotglasses_photo 3A colleague once said that she went to a restaurant that served their condiments in shot glasses. While that seems cute, I’m just as happy with the squeeze bottles they’re sold in. Besides, page 76 gives new life to the empty ketchup bottle and instructs on how the ketchup itself can shine copper cookware. Who knew?


mini vodka and shotglass_photo 4

For the sake of accuracy in writing, I did a shot of vodka. It’s research.


Cover of Real Simple 869 New Uses for Old Things_photo


This is the book. The Post-Its mark new uses for some of my existing belongings. It’s not all new uses for old things, since some of the reuseables are food products that, I would hope, are somewhat new things.


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