Getting Around The City: An Earth Day Rant


Happy Earth Day 2014! CNN ran this opinion piece suggesting that cities ban cars, essentially forcing everybody to use mass transit or walk to their destinations. It outlines reasons why: less noise and traffic, cars ownership is expensive, pollution, wasted time. This would be the great democratizer, if politicians and the wealthy allowed it to happen.

I would demand that all elected officials be required to commute to work. They could stand in the same smelly, crowded buses and trains that we (who elected them) endure every day. They can wait for trains that may or may not appear and have buses whiz right past them. They can experience the parade of panhandlers who can no longer hold jobs, and watch small children try to wrap their tiny hands around the poles to keep from falling. They can do this every day of their working lives, just like the taxpayers who fund their salaries. And they would do it without security.

This also applies to all employees of all urban transit companies.

Those who come in from out of town would have to drive themselves to the City line. No drivers or police escorts. They wouldn’t escape the traffic and potholes that define urban highways. They can skid on icy roads.

Who gives these jerks the right to travel in better style, safety and comfort than the people who gave them their jobs? Are they more important than the grandmother or injured person or kid struggling to get around town?

Traffic into NYC after Hurricane Sandy_photo
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