The Petite Evolution: Golden Years

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth I was working my way through college as a salesperson at “The World’s Largest Department Store,” selling ladies moderately-priced sportswear. Back then the small petites selections in most stores that I knew of consisted mostly of sensible pants/skirt/jacket combos spiffed up with, maybe, a nice bow blouse. I was short, skinny, young and broke so I used my employee discount in either the Juniors or Girls departments. Nothing fit quite right.

Fast forward a bunch of decades and I can buy almost any look in a plethora of petites departments.  This ranks right up there with flu shots,  laptops and  power steering as to why I love modern times.  Gone are the days when wearing shorter clothing meant dressing dowdy.  I can dress fun till the day I die.

That fun once extended to high heeled shoes. They look really cute until I put one foot in front of the other and try to move, at which point the danger of falling off said shoes increases tremendously. I will happily wear them if (1) I am not driving (2) I am not walking  much or (3) I am in the bridal party.  This means that I have embraced my stature and don’t feel the need to look taller.

So well into my golden years you can expect me to continue to play with clothes and sartorial rule-breaking . Because I can.

Three pairs of ladies shoes
I’ll wear them if I must



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