That extra hour of sleep is probably the only good thing about the end of daylight savings time. Today it meant I actually woke up before the alarm but even with that extra time, I still arrived late and sluggish to this morning’s belly dancing class. The group energy took over though and after some stretches, I was shimmying, giggling and challenging my coordination with several other women that I’ve become comfortable with. I’m trying to learn more about this dance form’s ancient roots. From what I understand, it started in India and migrated through the Middle East. It’s known primarily as a female art form but historically, some men have belly danced as well. I can’t picture it, though, because I have experienced this as a fun, multigenerational, female-bonding burst-of-energy visit to another culture. Copyright Linda P. and Laughing Through Life

And best of all, in my personal experience, it helps my back pain. Yes, I can literally “shake it off!”


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